Current Projects


1. Lethusizo Pre-School kitchen upgrade.

  • We would like to assist by installing new counter tops and renovating the cupboard doors.
    The kitchen from which the 84 children are fed their breakfast and lunch is unsanitary at present.Required amount = R8 500-00

2. Ikhwezi Pre-School playground upgrade:

The ground has been leveled and a bank is being constructed. Volunteers needed to:

  • Plant grass
  • Move the jungle gym

3. Ikhwezi Pre-School

  • Provide a small gas geyser for hot water in their kitchen

4. Ikhwezi Pre-School

  • Establish a veggie garden.

5. Smiley Kids Pre-School

  • Provide a jojo tank for their 70 Children.
  • Guttering to harvest the water off the roof.

6. Smiley Kids Pre-School Playground Upgrade

  • Brush cutter. The approximate cost for this is R3 000.
  • Wire mesh needed under their gate and across areas of fencing to prevent animals coming onto the property.